Sport Star Social – Background

As briefly mentioned on my About Broado page, the principle idea behind this blog page is to chinwag over sport stars and their personal use of social media; moreover their effort to promote and protect their brand image while at the same time trying to be more accessible  through offering a virtual symbiotic relationship with an online populace.  That’s the aim anyway.  There is no closing time, so pop in whenever you feel like a pint and a chat.    The drinks are free as I’m a not-for-profit and I’ve also got peanuts and pork scratching should you ever get a bit peckish.

Global sport stars are using social media more and more to engage in two- way conversations with fans, friends and perhaps even to win over the unconverted.  Some obviously use it to better effect than others in times of triumph and trouble.  Many sport stars are waking up to the fact that people like us are going to talk about them and it’s better if they have some control to respond and share with us personally.

There is already a mass of web chat/blogs on this topic but I wanted to join in largely due my love for sport.  We can seemingly get closer than ever to our sporting idols through social media portals such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.  The idea is to at look at various sport stars with the overriding focus being on one sporting star per two or three postings.  We’ll see where that takes us……

Questions to be answered and issues to be looked at could be include, what is currently happening/has happened to prominant sport stars? How and what is being communicating through social media?  How do they deal with controversy or success (these two factors not always being mutually exclusive!) and so forth……..

Ok, so the ribbon is cut, the drink is flowing and hopefully soon the conversation too.  Opening gambit concluded….see you soon.




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