About Broado

Hello there!  Take your coat off, shake off the damp, and name your poison.  I want you to feel at home, the cozy chair in front of the roaring open fire is free.  Sitting comfortably?  Good.  I knew you’d go for a nice pint of Boddingtons.  Excellent choice.  As you can see, you’re sitting in my rustic little boozer called the “sportstarsocial”.  If anyone else fancies coming down, we’re just off the B52 tucked away at the back of bloggersphereville.

This pub is basically a platform for us passionate about sport to get things off the chest and chew the fat about happenings in the world of sport.  Ok, maybe I should narrow that down at little bit.  In fact a lot.  I am particularly interested in how global sporting stars are using social media – especially to promote their name/brand and protect it when needed.  Some I feel use it to great effect, others not so well. Anyway, that’s the plan, but more about that later.  I’ll take the rest of the time here at the “sportstarsocial” to enjoy my pint with you and give a little insight to who I am, what I do, where I’ve been to etc….  Before that though I can see that the log fire has given you a serious thirst.  Fancy another?  I thought you might.  Let me stoke the coals and I’ll be right back.

As all publicans have to put their name above the door of the premises, and I’m no different, I’d better start with that.  But wait a minute, if you’re wondering why I’m sitting opposite you enjoying a Boddingtons, it’s because it’s my night off.  In fact, I don’t really do any work here.  I prefer to chin wag with the patrons and that way I can keep the riff-raff out. See what’s going on. Keep my ear to the ground. Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, name.  Born and bred in Stoke-on-Trent (that’s between Birmingham and Manchester if you can’t be arsed to look it up Google Maps), England as Michael Broadley then moved to do my undergraduate studies at the University of Nottingham in the late 90’s.  Since graduating I’ve spent a short time in Montreal, Canada and now reside in Geneve, Suisse where I work in student affairs at IUG.  I’m also doing an MA part-time in media and communication, which is a large part of why I wanted to get into this blogging game and look at a few specific angles relating to social media and its ever-growing connection/usage with sports men and women .

I am very keen on sport in general, but football (English) and long distance running take centre stage with the marathon being my biggest obsession.  I have run five to date and will be running in the Rotterdam marathon in The Netherlands on the 11th of April, 2010.  I will likely dedicate a page on here, maybe in the pool lounge, to my thoughts and feeling on training progress as of the end of December. I haven’t played football for some years but follow the English Premier League avidly. For my sins I support West Ham United – yeah, yeah. yeah. I know, I know. Anyway, on that note, I’m off to the bar for another pint……I’ll see you back at the “sportstarsocial” soon.


5 responses to “About Broado

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  2. Jos Bos

    Hi Michael,
    quit a surprise to see a new part of you: writing and blogging. It looks very nice and i like especially the fine line between humor and seriousness, playing with words, etc. I wish you all the best with this and I’m looking forward to the updates ! Regards, Jos

    • Jos, bedankt voor je berichtje. Ik had geen idee dat jouw engels zo goed was. Voorrrraalllll doorgaan. Prettige kerst – vakantie is altijd leuk, zeg!!! Erg koud bij ons in engeland – niet te geloven, zeg. Het is net als 20 jaren geleden of zo. Buuurrrrrrrrr

  3. Your blog is very updated and well designed. I hope to read some posts about feminine sports that might interest female audiences, like figure skating(Asada mao Vs Yuna Kim) ^^. Good luck!!

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