Sport & Social Media Ideas for 2010

Hopefully 2010 will see social media as much less of a ‘phenomenon’ in the world of sport, instead it will be the birth of more athletes, teams and sponsors redefining their approach to ultilising it better as a fan engagement medium.

Here are some ideas that I predict could help foster this in 2010:

1.  A rise in online video and photo sharing  directly to fans through YouTube, Daily Motion, Ustream TV, Twitter and Facebook.  The mobile phone will become more of a content producer and receiving tool that will increase immediacy.

2.  More athletes and clubs will start employing social media operations managers to help social networking platforms reach their full potential to the benefit of the producer (athlete/club) and receiver (fan).

3.  In addition to more traditional forms of media training for the athlete, such as TV and radio, social network training will become a more common feature to help build the brand.  For those athletes at clubs there will be a rise in their paymasters using them as a vehicle to monitor fan reaction and commentary.

4.  On top of enhancing fan interactivity, more clubs will integrate social media in activating marketing and sponsorship campaigns, driving ticket sales and delivering exclusive content.

I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to add to the list on what directions sport in social media will take this year.




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