Football’s winter window – freeze it shut?

Will Wenger & Fergie both take advantage of the January window?

With just days left in the short winter transfer window, arguably the busiest few days, the tabloids along with Sky Sports are in full swing fanning the flames of rumour and hearsay.  Many of us are hoping our team might get the player they’ve been allegedly chasing or offload a troublemaker unsettling the dressing room.  To be honest though, I don’t get the point of it all.  January is the time teams often pay over the odds for average players and if you actually analyse the effect the winter window has had on teams, it’s hard to see the point. Take my team West Ham, currently in desparate need of striking options, we will have to pay a considerable amount for a run-of-the-mill striker or be completey priced out of the market for anything better.

Panic Buying – In 2007 the team was third from bottom when it spent around £17 million in the January transfer window, including £5 million on Boa Morte £3.5 million on Davenport . Neither of these signings ended up performing particularly well even though we managed to escape the dreaded drop thanks to Carlos Tevez.  At the time this saved us around £30 million although due to Carlos’ dodgy paperwork and West Ham’s shady administrative methods, it cost just about as much in subsequent fines in the infamous Sheffield United case.

So why does the 31 day window exist?  The official word from ‘those in charge’ is to simplify the transfer process and bring most of the major European leagues in line with each other while constructing a so called level playing field among the Davids and Goliaths .  If anything though, it’s only bigger teams that have the capacity to strengthen with real quality and others have to make do and mend in the brief window that is January.

So readers, what do you reckon?  I’m interested to get some feedback from you through voting on the poll below.




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