Man Utd: rather anti-social networking

Man Utd ban players from communicating with the online populace via social networking platforms.  Is this protecting the players or harming them?  What do you reckon?





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4 responses to “Man Utd: rather anti-social networking

  1. Bea

    great to see your b & w art movie – very bergman!
    as you say, the ban on man is likely due to their social media ineptness. it can be quite a minefield, after all, responding in public to fan mail. maybe they all need sm publicists like beckham and woods use. Might be the perfect new business for you!

    • Thanks again for the comment Bea.

      I think in general the trend of sport stars using social media through social networking sites, notably in team sports, is still not trusted 100%. The Man United case is very extreme. I think there are still a lot of paranoid directors and chairman yet to see the benefits of social media, both for player and the team/club. What I don’t understand is that players are often given TV/radio media training for pre/post match interviews, so why not give them some ‘how to social network’ training too?

      As for the film, it was filmed last Friday night when I was extremely tired, hence choosing the sepia shading. If you look closely, you can see the suitcases under my eyes :-))

  2. E.

    I agree with Bea, it would be the perfect new business for you!
    I don’t think it’s normal that they are not allowed to have access to social networking, although it is understandable that there is a fear that something will leak out or that there will be some sort of scandale around one of the players’ posts or pictures… (tagged naked!).
    Like you said in your comment on my blog, they should definitely take a test to make sure they don’t suck at Facebook
    or hire someone like you… to manage their social networking behaviours! 🙂

  3. Clubs in general lack a Scott Monty type figure -social media communications manager. There is definately a void to be filled, but as I’ve found out since doing this blog and reading elsewhere, it’s quite a risk-adverse industry and a lot of clubs worldwide seem reluctant to embrace social media.

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