On Tiger’s Tail

Woods' aptly named yacht, 'Privacy' where he is thought to be hiding away

In a rather amusing article on Pop Eater, the celebrity watch website, they are proffering suggestions of how much a shot of  Tiger Woods would be worth and pokes fun at his continued elusiveness as well as saying it’s unlikely he’ll be gracing the public or golf course anytime soon.  However, Tennis ace Roger Federer, and long-standing pal of the fallen idol, reckons that we’ll soon see the swinger back on the golf course sooner rather than later.  In an interview in French sports daily, L’Equipe Federer stated, “The tabloids are going crazy, sponsor contracts are falling apart … I’ve always been aware that the image you patiently construct for an entire career can be ruined in a minute.  It scares you a bit, but that’s the way things are.  Tiger needs calm. And soon he’ll become the wonderful golfer that we know again.” Furthermore, Golf’s major title record holder Jack Nicklaus feels Woods will need to get on the course tout suite if he’s to overtake his astounding 18 majors as well as to put events over the past months behind him.  Maybe these close friends of Woods know something we don’t regarding his return.  Nicklaus is urging Woods to give a press conference to come out, be humble and take the awkward questions on the chin like a man in order to humanise himself.  His social media networks like Facebook and personal website have remained as static as when I blogged about him last month.  In fact his Facebook numbers have taken a nose dive as well as the much publicised loss of lucrative endorsement contracts.  The same questions are still looming – how is Woods going to re-brand himself post ‘infidelgate’?  Will he make better use of his social media avenues to help rebrand and become more transparent with his fans?  Is his brand beyond repair?





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3 responses to “On Tiger’s Tail

  1. dianaernest

    Poor Tiger… Great follow-up summary.
    Thank you, it was really interesting to read it 🙂

  2. Thanks Diana – it’s becoming a bit of joke at the way Woods isn’t handling the situation. As well as booking himself into the sex addiction clinic, he should probably sign up for some PR and social media lessons too.

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