What’s the perfect match for athletes social media use?

In a couple of postings I have given both David Beckham and Tiger Woods a bit of flak for the impersonal nature of their social networking and letting the PR minions do the job for them.  One of the principle ideas of using social media is for the athlete to humanise himself – (as we have already seen with Freddie Ljungberg).  Yesterday I talked about how the more personalised and transparent the athlete is when social networking with fans, the social media numbers will likely increase to further enhance their star power.  Moreover, they are more marketable to other sponsors and personal endorsements while at the same time being virally in touch with their fan base.

I’m interested to see what you think of this, so I have set up a poll and would appreciate your vote on the following question:


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One response to “What’s the perfect match for athletes social media use?

  1. Leo van de Hok

    In denk dat in het algemeen sport mensen zijn beter met media dan paar jaar geleden waren. Ik vind het ook belangerijk dat ze hun eigen berichtjes kunnen schrijven.

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