Wood you believe it?

Woods walks away from golf while major sponsors follow suit in dropping the star.

Clearly Woods’ hiatus is a huge loss for the golfing world but does not come as a surprise given the circus surrounding his antics off the green.  It seems that Gillette have followed suit, along with Gatorade, in distancing themselves from the star.  For Gillette it is probably more logical in that Woods’ Gillette team-mate, Thierry Henry isn’t exactly at the top of everyone’s Christmas card list after his handball misadventure against the Irish in Paris last month.  Just this evening the BBC reports that Accenture have also pulled the plug on Woods.

Woods once again used his personal website to announce his hiatus finally confirming what we all know anyway regarding his infidelity.  Nothing on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking sites to communicate with his fans and others seemingly wanting questions answered; not specifically the juicy details of his affairs, but rather over his professional decision to quit the golfing circuit for now and when we’ll likely see him again doing what he does best.

It’s evident that Woods had sought legal advice to keep stum for the past 10 days or so,  but I feel if he’d broken his silence earlier via whatever means, he could have handled the situation much better and also not been dealt the blow of three of his major sponsors walking in the opposite direction.  Ok, Tiger doesn’t need the cash, he’s made for life, but it’s the brand image damage that is no doubt irreparable.  The golfing world will be looking to fulfil an almost impossible void while sponsors continue to think twice over their association with the crestfallen swinger.





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5 responses to “Wood you believe it?

  1. I just have to say… I love the title of your post 🙂

  2. Me again…
    I just saw this article on AOL News


    In case you’re interested… 🙂


    • Elodie – thank you very much. I have used the link as part of my blog on Woods. Federer and Jack Nicklaus have also commented on this issue over the past few days, which I think is interesting. Maybe these friends of his know something we don’t. Cheers.

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